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                            Dolls By Sonja Bryer
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Doll History

                  Sculpting and Doll Making Classes
              Art Deco Doll - No. 1
         Emma Pincushion Doll - No. 2
  Price for this kit and materials - $230.00
             Bisque Kit and materials - $190.00

  The two dolls sitting are 12". The Pincushion is 15" tall

  If you love artist dolls and you like to sew, this is a  
  terrific way to  save and also get a very Limited Ed.
  of mine. You will also get a tour of my studio and see
  my collection. We have a great time!! Make plans to
  join us for free class or order kit to make on your own.
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 These are the two  
 styles available.  
  Specify pattern  
  preferance when
    ordering kits. 

  Painted  Bisque  
  Kit with patterns 
  available for this
  kit - $135.00

   Emma No. 1

                              Tools needed for Sculpting Class
If you know me you know I have been making dolls since 1978 and have learned to do all the things that are needed to make dolls. Dress making, wig making, shoes, hats, wire armature bodies, painting faces and sculpting. 
Sculpting -
     Head - $150 - 3 classes 9:00 - 3:30 
     Body on armature - $300 - 3 classes

     Wig making - $40 - 1:00 - 4:30

     Face painting - No Charge if you buy one
     of my dolls to paint. 
     Done on your doll - $20  per class 1:00 -   
     4:30. As many classes as you need.

     Making a Head Mold - $50 - 9:00 - 4:00 

     Other requests considered.

              Painted Bisque Kit  with Patterns 
                                   $ 135.00

                     Lydia now available in Porcelain Kit.
      This kit is finished for you with either painted eyes or
      inset eyes. Her arms and legs are included with the 
      shoes painted as shown. She includes wig as shown.
      The kit is $175.00 for painted eyes and $200.00 for
      inset eyes If you wish to make or buy your own
      wig the kit is $20 less. With the kit you get patterns and 
      instructions for the body, clothes and hat. Doll sits 
      approximately 12" tall. 
          Materials for the under clothes, ruffled slip, skirt, 
      jacket,  bodice, hat, lace and mohair are  $65.00.


      There will be a charge for any ( extra) materials other
      then what is listed, but lessons are free. Hours are set  
      according to students schedules but will be for 6 hours
      each session.

      You will need to choose the mohair and the materials 
       before class. ( call me )  937-848-4828