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                            Dolls By Sonja Bryer
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                  Marie So Pretty
       This doll is poured in a soft pink
        Resin and Ball Jointed Body . 

        Wig made with creamy white 
        mohair. Attached is a miniature
        ship and turquoise feathers. 
        She has a hoop skirt, bustle,  
        pantalets, white nylons with 
        gold resin shoes. Dress is made
        of metallic Crease Crinkle Lame,
        cotton laces, antique 2" ruffle at 
        bottom is cream with metallic  
        accents. Special bobbinet over 
        skirt softens the look. 
        Embellished gold jewelry accents
        on the skirt.
        Special embroidered piece of
        lace is set into the bodice and 
        framed  with gold threads.

        Special made necklace and

        Special price - $700.00

   2nd Edition of Queen Victoria
   in her Coronation robe. 2 
   available with gold tiara.
      Handmade wig on cap, silk 
   taffeta dress with very special 
   gold trim at hem. Silk velvet
   robe trimmed in gold and black.
   Slippers handmade of white
   leather. ( $1685.00 ) All jewelry
   included in this price except 
   the Order of the Garter.
   The doll you see is the one 
    you will get.

    Necklace and earring sets 
    are $60.
    Order of the Garter is $300.    
    As seen on the close up of 
    Victoria Bride​.

           Special Bracelet of Albert, that Queen Victoria had made.
           After Albert died she wore it the rest of her life.         

 Victoria's eyes look brown on 
 here but they are blue.
         Portrait of Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria. She is 14" tall and is all Bisque ball jointed. (14 joints )Strung together with
         springs. Completely handmade by Sonja except for jewelry. Hand painted blue grey eyes. This is the last one in the 
         Coronation outfit. If you want her in another outfit let me know. (937 -848-4828 )
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                Since you can not see the doll and the body in person I have    
                included a lot of pictures to show the detail and quality of the 
                sculpting and painting of the body, face, hands and feet.

               All joints in the body are lined with leather. All wigs are hand made.
               If you prefer the Queen Victoria wig with the braids around the ears
               let me know.

                                                        This is the most popular wig for Queen 
                                                        Victoria. No extra charge to change.
                                                        Also reproductions of an antique Dressing
                                                        Screen with silk panels, shown to the left.
                                                        Can see full size photo of the Dressing 
                                                        Screen on the Limited Edition page. 

                                                        Porcelain hands shown below for Queen

     New - All Bisque Ball Jointed Prince Albert.
        Very Limited. Please contact me if 

        Prince Albert's - " Order of the Garter "


     Queen Victoria in Coronation Gown.
   (  This doll is now ) reduced to sell 
            for $1500.00.  7/ 29/ 19
         sale good through 8/ 29/ 19