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Special Editions

                            Dolls By Sonja Bryer

                                  All Bisque - Living Doll

        She is 21" tall jointed at the neck, shoulders, and hips.
        She holds bisque figurine in her left hand.

            Her hair is a very dark brown  and curly, hand made of 
         Angora wool. Antique flowers in her hair. Her eyes are 
         paperweight  brown  glass.
            The fabric of her gown is antique black bobbinette and 
         sheer silk organza.
             Inspiration picture was found in half doll book, Vol.
         6 by Shona & Marc Lorrin.


         Shows the doll's hand holding figurine 

        Portrait of Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria

        Doll is 14" tall and has the All Bisque Ball Jointed 
        Body. 15 pieces and 14 Joints. Head swivels and 
        joints are at the shoulders, elbows, wrists, under
        bust, hips, knees, and ankles.
        Beautifully painted to look as much like Jenna as
        possible with hand made wig of alpaca. 
        Under clothes are pantalets made in 1840 
        style as are the crinoline and under slip. 
        Necklace and earrings like diamonds.
             Also the necklace "Order of the Garter" is 
        custom made, Unbelievably detailed!! 

                Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria

         Pictures below are my first samples made up
         for an exhibit. They have Porcelain Swivel heads
         arms and legs attached to cloth bodies. Since I 
         am no longer making them with the cloth body,
         these will be One-of-a-Kinds and I will sell to
          the highest bidder.
            Queen Victoria dressed in blue antique Fabric 
          with a  blue plaid wool shawl. Her hat is Blue
          organza with cotton lace. Wig is hand made of 
          alpaca with braids around her ears and bun.
          Blue beads and pearl necklace.

           TAKING BIDS TILL May 21st 10:00 PM    
           Eastern time 2018.
                       email me with Bid
           Victoria in Green, hair style same as other, 
           with necklace and earrings that look like 
           diamonds and emeralds. Leather slippers.
           TAKING BIDS TILL May 21st 11:00 PM 

        Bid on Victoria in Blue
  1. - $400.00 - Lucy

              Bid on Queen in Green
      1. Dianne Harris - Bids $375.00