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Special Editions

                            Dolls By Sonja Bryer

        Marie Antoinette ( Steam Punk)
    Artist license has been taken with this 
    doll. Not meant to be historically correct.

    Marie is 15" tall - All Bisque Ball 
    Jointed with 14 joints. Put together with
    tiny extension springs. She sits, stands,
    bends, twists and turns. 

    She has beautiful painted eyes, an
    angora mohair wig, resin shoes with 
    buckles and bows, bustle, black 
    underpants, short black ruffled skirt,
    and black hose with garters. 

    Her dress bodice is made like a corset 
    decorated with beads and trimmed with
    an antique gold cording. The skirt and 
    bodice are a grey green silk taffeta.
    Skirt is trimmed with black lace, antique 
    gold cording, and tiny gears. Other 
    accessories - gold arm band, snake,
    watch and chain, Pig, and hair décor. 

     Marie Antoinette - Steam Punk

  $1600.00              Sale  $1250.00

                                  All Bisque - Living Doll

        She is 21" tall jointed at the neck, shoulders, and hips.
        She holds bisque figurine in her left had. 
            Her hair is a very dark brown  and curly, hand made of 
         Angora wool. Antique flowers in her hair. Her eyes are 
         paperweight  brown  glass.
            The fabric of her gown is antique black bobbinette and 
         sheer silk organza.
             Inspiration picture was found in half doll book, Vol.
         6 by Shona & Marc Lorrin.


                  My Inspiration Picture for 
                          "Living Doll".
                View body under Limited Editions page.

         Shows the doll's hand holding figurine 
     Shows Steam Punk - Marie Antoinette in the standing position.