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Sonja_Bryer Gallery
   The Beginning - 1980 -1st Portrait doll - Cindy

     Daisy was a very popular doll 11" tall Edition of 50. 
     sold  35.   19 made with the hat that looked like 
     tapestry and 16 of the one that looked like lace. 
     Made 1986 - 1991  
        Hats were textured to look like fabric and  hand.  
     painted. Jointed at neck, shoulders  and hips.
    In 1990 Can Can Katy won "Dolls of the Year Award " with Doll 
    Reader magazine for "Doll Design Concept of the Year". I was
    very excited until they told me one of the stipulations  for winning
    was to give "Doll Reader" 7 of these dolls. I was devastated!!  I  
    was naive thinking I would not win and was entering for the 
    publicity.  I paid dearly for it!!

     Rose with leather body, jointed at neck, shoulders,
     elbows,  wrists and hips. In order to show collectors 
     how these dolls were made, I took this doll in her 
     corset.  I was asked if she was for sale and ended up 
     getting 40 orders.

                Sophie - 1880's
     She was 7" tall with hand 
     made mohair wig, leather 
     body. I  dressed her in striped 
     silk fabric. Baby was all bisque 
     and jointed at the shoulders 
     and hips in a tiny christening 
     gown. Her stroller looked like 
     wicker made of plastic.
        Had the Diorama's made for
     me by a carpenter and I 
     decorated them. Made In 1983.
     Sold - 18 sets

          Elizabeth - 1900's
   She is 7" tall made the same as    
   Rose, dressed in the style of
   the 1900's.  Sold 10 sets

         Diorama has a stucco back 
   wall, fake grass and vine on a
   white trellis with tiny flowers, 
   I also made the fountain with 
   fake water and water lilies.

   Scarlett - 1860  sold 18 sets
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