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                            Dolls By Sonja Bryer
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                                                           Twinkle Toes- 16' tall marked              Eddie & His Teddy -16" tall 1979           
                                                                  (Sample) Glass Eyes                    painted eyes - 4/25   now  $100.00             
                                                                    now  $300                                                                                              

   Eddie is in beautiful condition and has
   been kept in a case. He has a bisque
   swivel neck, bisque arms and legs  
   with cloth body. His leather shoes are  
   handmade and his wig is human hair.
   My very first sculpt made in 1980. 

   Twinkle Toes has a bisque
   swivel neck, legs and arms,
   that are jointed. She looks
   like she is free standing.
   However she has a post
   that goes up inside her
   leg that is attached to a 
   wood base. This one is my
   prototype and her hair 
   needs some work and
   her elastic is loose in the  
   leg of her pants. 
   Original Price $850.00​
​      Sculpted her in 1991.  
   My special silhouette Tag
   comes with her and she is

           Doll by Jeanne Singer in 1986 for
    UFDC Region 14 Conference. Inspiration
    for doll was from an antique poster.
        The doll is 13" tall with painted hair, face 
     shoes and also accents of gold - earrings,
     bracelet and rings on both hands. She is 
     very nicely done. $85.00 now $45.00

          Linda Steele's Gibson Girl 1981 - One of her first
                                    Limited Editions

        She has a bisque swivel head, small bisque hands,
        and bisque brown painted boots with a cloth body.
        Linda worked with her Mom in dressmaking before 
        designing dolls and always had lovely outfits. This
        one is made of chiffon, hat is wonderful also. She
        has a nicely made mohair wig that Linda made. 

         This doll is 12" tall and is $160.00 - on Sale  $75

               Megan- 14" long 1995
   painted eyes - Pillow Included $195.00
​               (   Now $125.00  )   
       Sonja's original - not reproduction

              Rhett and Scarlet - Artist Unknown - 10" tall

        Nicely done and made of Ceramic.  Both  have 
        built on bases. Will now take $100 for Pr.

           UFDC 2006 Souvenir Doll 
                Thumbelina 6" tall
                  by Helen Kish

          This is a very unique set
          and the little 6" Thumbelina is 
          adorable. She has never been 
          taken out of her plastic container.
          Very clever idea. The box is
          also very special the way it all 
          closes with magnets to hold it
          together. After the %50 discount 
          she is - $135.00

     Estate Sale Dolls - All are porcelain unless otherwise noted.  Prices are 50% off the lowest price marked. 
      updated 8/ 2019
 We are going out of Business and selling our own collection. These are some of the Disney Characters that I designed

   for the Disney Shops. Very few were sold because Disney wouldn't let us sell them on QVC. I am selling these at 
   $100 each. They  are signed and in there original box. Smoke free 
​    environment.