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Special Editions

                            Dolls By Sonja Bryer
Be sure to check out Sale Items on

                       Gibson Girl 15" tall
           Doll same as one above except for as   

         This doll comes with a hair ornament
         instead of a hat. Her dress has two layers.
         One of green silk taffeta and the top layer
         Is Ivory Point D'Esprit. ( French name )
         It is trimmed with a soft green silk ribbon,
         cotton lace, and hand made silk ribbon 
         roses. She has pearl earrings and 
    $275.00 - Sale Price - $195.00 Only 1 available 

        Introducing My new Resin BJD Fashion Dolls. She is 14" tall and has 14 joints.                 You can order them unpainted  for $325.00 or for $425.00 painted.  Orders
        take 2 - 3 months at this time. Need a $100 deposit with order.

        Wigs, clothes, shoes and patterns available on request.

        Email questions to 

             For Porcelain Dolls

         Check One - of- A - Kind


                  Resin Queen Victoria

    See body above with 14 joints and 15
    parts. Orders take approximately 2
    Most wigs cost $50 that I make.

    This doll is made with silk taffeta dress 
    $695.00.  This includes underwear, 
    crinoline, hose , resin shoes and 
    handmade wig as shown.

                       Portrait of Diana

       The picture of Diana in the black dress is
       the doll that is available now. You can order
       her with any of the dresses pictured. Or Doll
       with wig and earrings. $495.00
       Black Dress with underwear - $165.00
       Resin heels - $25 or $35
       Leather flats - decorated $30
   Chiffon dress - $125.00        Coral and White - $125.00
     Underwear for Diana - $20.00
     Underwear for Queen -  $40.00
     Wigs of Alpaca - $50.00
     Wigs of Mohair - $30.00
     Wigs of straight Mohair - $40.00
     Resin shoes w/heels - white w/leather
     soles - $25 
     Nylon stockings - white or flesh - $10.00
     Leather shoes (flats) to match outfit-$30     


               Crown for Queen Victoria - $35
                Crown for Diana w/pearls - $35

      All Resin ball Jointed Queen Victoria

    This one is sold but I have enough fabric 
     for 1 more. The jewelry is no longer  
        The dress is flowered voile over blue  
      batiste with blue silk ribbon trim.
         She has a silk ribbon embellishment on 
      top of her head. Comes with blue leather 
      slippers. The wig is a curly mohair.

                        She is $695.00

     Can make payments with check or PayPal.

              Resin ladies in Corsets - wig of Choise - Mohair - $485.00  
              Alpaca - Queen Style with Braids - $495.00
              Straight Mohair Braids - $485.00

              Furniture available - Dressing screen - $295.00
              Vanity & Stool - $175.00