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                            Dolls By Sonja Bryer
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                       Gibson Girl 15" tall
           Doll same as one above except for as   

         This doll comes with a hair ornament
         instead of a hat. Her dress has two layers.
         One of green silk taffeta and the top layer
         Is Ivory Point D'Esprit. ( French name )
         It is trimmed with a soft green silk ribbon,
         cotton lace, and hand made silk ribbon 
         roses. She has pearl earrings and 
    $275.00 - Sale Price - $195.00 Only 1 available 



     Underwear for Queen -  $40.00
     Wigs of Alpaca - $50.00
     Wigs of straight Mohair - $45.00
     Resin shoes w/heels - white w/leather
     soles - $25 
     Nylon stockings - white or flesh - $10.00
     Leather shoes (flats) to match outfit-$30
     Corset - $18.00     

   Dressing Screen - Frame is made of
   Resin 17" tall. Antiqued to look old. 
   Can be used with fashion dolls from
   14" to 16". The panels are printed on
   silk from French Rococo Artist prints 
   of Artist Jean-Honore' Fragonard. 

   $295.00  - 20% off - last one

     Remember I can set up a payment plan for 
     you. $100 down to start an order. Only 1 left.

         Prince Albert - All Porcelain BJD - Limited Ed. of 4                    In outfit shown with "Order of the Garder"                                                      $1,850.00   - 3 available   
                           Orders take 3 months​

        Queen Victoria - Coronation Gown and Robe 
        14" All Bisque/with 14 joints - Limited Ed. of 4                                     Doll painted with Queen Victoria wig - $998.00.
        Silk Gown and Velvet Coronation Robe - $350.00
        Under clothes and shoes cost  - above. 
        Crown $35.00  Other Jewelry prices vary.
        "Order of the Guarder" takes 2 - 3 months ​
     I am no longer making these              Silk Dressing Screens so this              Is the last one.
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   Porcelain  Queen Victoria and Prince Albert will be discontinued after March 2020.  All orders before that will be filled.                  
  After that only taking
  Resin doll orders.

    Paint your own  Resin - Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
    Orders for these take 2-3 months. Picture of body below.
    Same heads as above.  $275.00 Each

               Painted body and face is $125.00  

                Wig style -  Upper left wig has the braids like the one on the lower 
               left. The upper left wig is made with the alpaca and is soft and less 
               hair. Cost - $50.00 Dark brown as shown
                   The lower left wig is made with straight mohair, is more like human
               hair and is a thick heavier wig. $45.00 Dark brown as shown
                   The long curl wig is made with wool mohair . Alburn.  Cost - $35.00

               Other colors available.