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    This Gibson girl doll is Porcelain 11" tall 
    She has bisque swivel head, arms and legs on
    a cloth body with wig for $30.00 (No Clothes)
          Pattern available for $12.00

               BJD Resin Prince Albert 
   Finishing out the series of Queen Victoria and  
   Albert. Have 2 Queen Victoria's left.
   Contact me for more info about outfits. 

    To get Prince AlbertI made I need 4 orders.
    I have ( 2 orders but need 2 more.) Will
    give you  a good deal of $450.00 with free
    classes to learn to paint and free patterns
    for dressing him. I will dress if you desire.

               Resin Queen Victoria in Visiting Outfit

          She is 14" tall and has 14 Joints in the body.
          She has many different outfits to choose from. 

          The picture of Albert is porcelain and will have a 
          softer look in Resin.

          If you wish to make your own outfits I have quite
          a few patterns to choose from. 

           Have patterns for clothes - Dress above - $15.50 
           and complete with instructions.
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     Have 1 Gibson Girl doll above available.
    for $300.00 or best offer. Inset brown eyes,
    angora mohair wig, velvet hat with silk flowers,
    Cotton Bobbinet blouse, Green silk Taffeta,
     Jacket and Skirt. She also has a green velvet 
     hat with feathers and flowers.

     Reduced price  $250.00
  Same Gibson girl doll 11" tall . I had 50 of these dolls made in China for my
   UFDC Doll Club in a cream colored dress. Then I had some extra ones
   made for me to dress myself. These are two of those  designs. 
   Soft green taffeta with Bobbinet over skirt, silk ribbon and French cotton 
   lace embellished dress and hair ornament.  Reduced to $250.00 Comes
   with doll stand and certificate of authenticity. Remind me to sign her for you.