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                            Dolls By Sonja Bryer
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                                                              Specializing in Portrait dolls

       Sculpting Seminar

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    class information on wigs,  
    painting doll faces and more. 

    bisque kit information on this  
    page also.

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   dolls that are being
   liquidated. Dolls added 
   periodically. Some mine, some 
   of other artist 's in my 
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                  USA sales only,  unless I have met you and you've purchased dolls from me before. 
                            Our house is like a Doll Museum. We would love to have you visit.       
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       Payment for my dolls is easy with PayPal. Just go to your PayPal account. Press button that 
       says - send money to - - That is all there is to it. 

       I won this award with Dolls Magazine this
       year and I hope you will vote for me for the
       Publics Choice. Go to Jones Publishing's
       website, click on Dolls and look for the link to
       Vote, or you can vote on the ballot in the 
       Aug./Sept. Issue. I really appreciate it. 

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