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                            Dolls By Sonja Bryer
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       I won this award with Dolls Magazine this
       past year with Queen Victoria in her wedding
       gown made of silk satin and English lace.
           She is all bisque and ball jointed. The 
       dainty flowers  in her hair and her hand are 
       handmade of paper. The Order of the Garter
       necklace was made by a jewelry artist Debbie 
       Murphy. The edition is closed in her wedding
       gown.  Still have 1 left in her Coronation robe.
       See One-of-a-Kind page.

               PAUL  &  SONJA          
    After 40 years of Sculpting and making dolls I have decided to retire.       There are many things I have wanted to do and I am looking forward       to having the time to do them. Like spending more time with the               relatives I have left. I have already started taking advanced 
    classes in working with my new Bernina, learning to embroidery 
    with it and doing my Oil Paintings.
     Keep checking on my site though because I will be selling a lot of            my dolls and my doll collections, which are many rare artist dolls              and Antiques. If you are looking for anything in particular let me 
     know. That is all for now.